ACM Cladding Remediation Fund

ACM removal

£1 million ACM removal fund opens for applications.

Private Residential Aluminium Composite Material (ACM) Cladding Remediation Fund provided by the Department of Finance, on behalf of the executive, now available for Residential buildings over 18 metres of height.

The fund will be available for the benefit of leaseholders in residential buildings over 18m in height (or within the 30cm tolerance) who would otherwise have an obligation to meet the cost of cladding remediation by virtue of provisions in their leases.

Management companies are also able to apply for the fund The fund is also available to management companies acting on behalf of residents.

To be eligible for the fund applicants must confirm they are replacing unsafe ACM cladding with materials of limited combustibility that have been classified as European Class A1 or A2-s1, d0.

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The remediation money will not be available to:

  • non-residential buildings, hotels, hostels, purpose-built student accommodation uses, private rental sector
  • buildings under 18m in height (allowing for the 30cm tolerance)
  • unsafe non-ACM cladding systems
  • buildings where a warranty claim for the full costs of remediation has been accepted
  • costs which would not otherwise be recovered from residential leaseholders through the service charge provisions in their leases
  • buildings owned by social sector landlords

In addition to the ACM Fund, the Department of Finance has today also announced a public call for leaseholders / building owners to provide evidence that their building is fitted with unsafe non-ACM cladding materials.