Management Options


If you decide to sell your property with us, we will first conduct a valuation of your property and provide a marketing price and some background of what similar apartments have sold for in the local market. The art of ensuring a successful sale starts with an accurate valuation of your property, ensuring that both you get an accurate value for your property, whilst also ensuring the price is reflective of the current market. As a property is usually one of the most valuable assets of any individual, our team will take great care in the process of selling your property and achieve you the best results.


The lettings process can be challenging, finding a good tenant, drawing up the paperwork and abiding by the rules and regulations of tenancy law. Our services ensure that we find a good tenant as soon as possible to avoid void periods in a tenancy, whilst ensuring we maximise the income for the landlord. We will ensure that all the paperwork is drawn up, tenants properly referenced and tenancy regulations followed, ensuring a smooth transition moving a tenant into your property.
Towards the end of a fixed term tenancy, we will contact the tenant and ask them if they wish to renew their agreement and handle all the paperwork if they want to renew or extend their agreement. In the event the tenant doesn’t want to renew or extend, we will start the marketing process to find a replacement tenant, reducing any void periods between the old and new tenancies.

Property Management

Our property management team will work hard to ensure that your property is managed efficiently, ensuring any maintenance required is done in a cost effective manner and the property is maintained at its best. We will also ensure that any bills that come for the property are settled from the funds that we hold on account, ensuring that no late payment fees are added to your accounts.
We will offer both a Portfolio Management service where landlords have instructed us to mange multiple properties across London and a Vacant Management service where landlords with empty properties are looked after during their vacant periods.
We are able to assist in the acquisition or disposition of commercial properties for our clients. We understand the need for both small and large businesses to purchase new assets or dispose of existing one’s in line with their corporate strategies and we will assist in making this reality happen.
We know that the process to find a new home can be stressful, with multiple viewings and much wasted personal time, whilst you conduct this process.
We can work with you on a retained basis to find you, a suitable property both for sale or to rent and work in your interests to find you the best property. Once we have agreed your requirements, we will short list suitable properties within your budget and requirements and present these to you. Once this list has been agreed, we will conduct viewings with you and ensure once a successful property has been chosen, help you step-by-step through the paperwork until you move into your new home.