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Prepare Your Home For Spring

Prepare Your Home For Spring

Spring is almost here.

The spring season will soon be upon us. And it’s the perfect time of year to start thinking about making improvements to properties.

Statistics suggest the best time to sell your house is from mid-February until the end of June, with March being the best month of the year to make a quick sale. So prepare yourself with some home décor tips for this spring. Whether you’re getting your home ready to sell or you just want to tackle some basic spring cleaning, these tips will energise your home for warmer weather.

It’s not all spring clean when it comes to a home refresh. There are other ways to give your rooms and the possessions in them, a low-cost face-lift that will make things feel brand-new for the warmer, brighter months ahead.

A good old clean

A deep clean to help sell your property might be an obvious tip, but it’s an effective and affordable one. It is a tradition that involves cleaning your home from top to bottom. A clean and clear home could make all the difference in a buyer’s mind, and we all know that the first impression counts.

Pick up a paintbrush

When your home is clean, you have the perfect opportunity to freshen up space with a lick of paint. Whites and creams are great for a crisp and clean feel, while subtle green and blue shades are a great way to add colour to your home and won’t date too quickly. Painting a feature wall or pops of colour can add personality with minimal effort required.

Dig out your vases

Fresh flowers are such a joy, and now’s a good time to bring them back into your home if you’ve taken a break for winter. A vase of flowers in a room is an excellent way of bringing the outside in and adding floral scents and vibrant colour into your home. Also, a bunch of beautiful flowers as you view home make you smile and wake that home positively feeling.

Clean your windows

With the weather getting better and days getting warmer, you’re likely to throw back the curtains or shutters to let in the light and fully open your windows. That is the time to clean the glass and get into the corners. Shutters and slatted blinds are dust traps, so this is the time to wipe them over as well.

Clear the gutters

Dirty gutters are an eyesore and a liability not only for you but for potential buyers, as well. Cleaning your gutters will take roughly 15-30 minutes, but will save you money in the long run. As you know, spring in Britain means lots of rain, and you can avoid flooding during spring rains by clearing gutters of all rubbish.

Repair roof damage

Keep up with small roof repairs so that you can avoid an expensive overhaul down the line. After a long winter, the first thing you should do is examine your roof and assess any damage. Replace any missing shingles, and don’t hesitate to contact a roofer for a second opinion if need be.

Light it up

As the natural light returns with slightly longer days in spring, your home will look and stay brighter. Play with lights in your home and add additional layers of lighting to change the atmosphere of a space. Bulbs with a more yellow light will give a cosy feeling to space. Overhead lights should be whiter to add an illusion of more daylight but avoid fluorescent overhead lighting.

Refresh your textiles

It may not be financially viable for you to buy a new sofa, but a few cushions or a new throw may be exactly what it needs to bring it back to life. Refresh your home by updating pillowcases, throws, and duvet covers. Choose bright pops of colour that coordinate well with existing colour schemes or add patterns such as florals, geometric shapes or stripes. New bedding or towels in the bathroom are also great ways to update your living space this spring.


After a long, cold winter, the garden probably needs some attention too. The first thing that a potential home buyer sees is typically your front lawn, so you’ll want them to be greeted by a lawn and shrubs that are neatly trimmed and a well-maintained pathway taking you to the front door. Start your lawn work by raking away any leaves, branches, and clutter that was hidden under the snow all winter. Prune and trim your trees and shrubs and then haul away compost debris. Adding flowers in hanging baskets, window boxes or in a flower bed outside the home can add value to your property with minimal effort or cost.

Buyers are looking for a home that’s been taken care of, so working on your home right at the beginning of spring will keep things ready to go for the spring home sales season. Freshening up your home’s interior and exterior will fill your home and with spring energy so that you can enjoy the warm weather, knowing you are ready to make the big sale.

Contact me today and see how I can help you with your home and move.

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